Splash Mountain

April 20, 2012

When I was in sixth grade or so (only a couple of years post-diagnosis), my family went to Disney World. We wanted to go on Splash Mountain, and I was super nervous but also excited. I really wanted to ride it but I was new to roller coasters and I had no idea what to expect. I kept getting part way through the line and then needing to use the bathroom and ducking out, then getting to the bathroom only to find it was a false urge. It mast have happened three times. I gave up for the day and we went back to the hotel.

I finally managed to ride Splash Mountain the next day. But it was a huge struggle, for such a little thing.

Most people’s is probably like this, but my Crohn’s keys in on stress so strongly. I hate that the hardest part of my life gets worse when everything else is hard. It’s like, “Oh, your life is hard right now? Let’s go ahead and make it even harder.”


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