Deep Breath

September 28, 2011

Since I last posted, I’ve not been feeling my best. Despite everyone’s best efforts to lift my spirits* etc., etc., the fact is that I seem to have stressed myself into a real live flare, and it isn’t going away just because I’m starting to process this new information. It makes itself worse, because I’m too wiped out to do any of the things I need to do (never mind the things I want to do, haven’t been to the gym since August), but then I have to do them anyway which just fatigues and stresses me more, so that the next day I want to get up and go to class and work even less.

*A big shout out to my roommate, my parents, my sister, my manager, and very good friend from home. Thanks so much for your support, you guys make it so much easier.

One quick solution to this is that I’ve cut my hours at work to only two shifts a week. Besides the obvious “more time to rest,” I also get a few days in between shifts, so I don’t have to deal with the stress of many days in a row where I feel like I just left when I have to come back. This is helping. I now have far fewer days where I don’t get to come home from dawn until long after dusk (like normal), and this is really much nicer.

Even so it hasn’t fixed everything and I’m still feeling pretty bad. Yesterday I went to my voice lesson and explained what was going on to my teacher, who really got how much this was affecting me and decided to tone down the intensity of what I’m working on. The awful thing is how offended I got when she told me she had an easier song for me, with less ornamentation, that wouldn’t be as difficult to learn and sing. How dare she think I couldn’t do the harder song! But she’s right. I need a break. I want to sing, but it isn’t helping to push myself so hard. My pride and drive to be good at simply everything are normally what push me to keep improving myself, but now they’re working against me. I hate to say “I can’t,” but right now I can’t do all the things I want to do. I can’t read all the Greek and learn all the history and work out every day and teach myself to sight read right now.

So I’m going to try to be good to myself. Do what I have to to stay afloat in school and at work without sacrificing my health. I keep telling myself that once the colonoscopy is done, once I get my meds sorted out, it will all be better and I’ll be able to be myself and do everything again. And I really really hope that turns out to be true.


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