Good and Bad

November 6, 2010

I few days ago I had a couple of pretty bad Crohn’s days. But, I realized, they were only bad compared to how good it’s been. For at least this semester, I’ve been very consistently sleeping through the night, and on the maybe 3 nights I’ve had to wake up to go to the bathroom, it’s been once and only once. Time was I would be up several times a night, every night. I had a very predictable wake-up call 2 hours before I wanted to get up, courtesy of Crohn’s, and other less predictable ones throughout the rest of the night. So when I was awoken the other night, I was highly disgruntled. But only because I wasn’t used to it anymore, which I can only count as a blessing.


Also, here’s something weird I’ve noticed: My Crohn’s is much, much more active while I’m at home than while I’m at school or at work. I haven’t tested it far enough to figure out if it’s actually home versus out, or if it’s morning (when I’m usually home) versus day (usually out) versus night (usually home). But it’s very noticeable. I don’t usually have to jump up in the middle of class, and I usually only leave my chair at the library once per 4 hour sitting. Sometimes I only have to use the bathroom once in a whole 7-12 hour day (not usually but sometimes). But then I get home, and it hits me over and over and over. Maybe I’m less careful about what I eat when I’m home? Maybe I have less of an incentive to hold it? Maybe I psych myself out fight-or-flight style so that the system slows down when I’m away from my own bathroom? I really couldn’t say.