Ugh. I just typed this all up and then it erased it when I hit publish. Take 2.


Even though it was literally a hundred degrees out, I did not have ice cream for dinner on Tuesday. I had sushi. (The power went out at my house so my family went out to dinner, and you don’t say no to sushi.) But I had ice cream right after dinner. I had a taster each of a ginger snappy thing and malted Oreo cookie (my ice cream shop calls Oreo ice cream “hydrox” for reasons unbeknownst to me), and eventually went with a micro (the real small, since “small” in ice cream shop speak seems to mean “lots”) of regular old non-malted hydrox. And with it, 2 Lactaid pills. One before the tasters, and one before the micro just to be safe.

Either it didn’t work, or I was in for a rough night anyway. I could not tell you. All I know is that today is the 5th day in a row the temperature has been above 90, and I will not be having ice cream again tonight, nor any other time soon. I’ll stick to my iced coffee with goat’s milk (and by the way, yum).

Side note on goat’s milk: I’ve had this in a few things so far and it’s scrumptious. Ooey gooey animal fat. I love it. In cooking, you absolutely cannot tell the difference. In other stuff you can definitely taste the goatyness of it. But it does not, as I feared, make your coffee/smoothie/whatever taste like chevre. The taste that separates goat cheese from cow cheese is in there, but the cheese flavor itself isn’t. I don’t know why I  thought it would be, but I did, and it isn’t. (Thank god.)


Where’s The Love?

July 6, 2010

I wanted to post on this last week, but for some reason I never got around to it. Even though I’m sitting at a desk 8 hours a day with tons of free time to wander around on the internet.

I take the MBTA bus and train into work every day, which typically takes 1.5 hours. Once I get off the train, it’s a 15 or 20 minute walk to my office, during which I inevitably have to use the bathroom, not having done so since breakfast an hour and a half earlier. But since all this is taking place at 8am, the only truly public restroom nearby is not yet open, and I have to hunt for someplace else. The thing is that most places these days don’t have bathrooms that they’re going to let you into. They don’t want to pay for the water. But do you know what? I’m much more likely to give my business to a store that is thoughtful and neighborly enough to allow me free access to their bathroom (even if I’m not buying something at that particular moment). They would make up the water bill in higher sales from satisfied customers. If everybody opened their restrooms to the public, and then didn’t pressure you into buying something to use it, then the individual demand would be very low. I could go here, or I could go next door. No single store would be paying for everyone in the vicinity to use the bathroom.

And even if they did not, it is the right thing to do. A little boy is about to pee his pants. Do you let him use the bathroom and save him the embarrassment and discomfort, not to mention his parents’, or do you turn him away? A young professional is on her way to an important interview, but she desperately needs to go to the bathroom. Do you help her make her interview on time and unsoiled, or do you tell her it’s not your problem?

For some reason, as a society we have lost our good will towards one another. Rather than being kind to those around us, our first instinct is to ask “how will this benefit me?” and when in doubt, we opt to act unkindly.

I promise I will never quote the Bible at you again, but come on people, love thy neighbor.


In other news, I have recently discovered that I get migraines. Add that to my long list of physical ailments. (I’ve always sort of hoped that having Crohn’s meant I was off the hook for other non-related stuff because, really, how much can one person take? I was gonna get out of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, all that stuff. I guess not.)


Update: In other, other news, the temperature here has just officially reached 100F. Not even heat index, oh no. That’s the actual air temperature. The heat index is 104. This has always meant ice cream for dinner in my family. Today, for me, it means ice cream and a pair of Lactaid pills. Nothing will stop me.


July 4, 2010

This morning was awful. It was like a horrible flashback to my unmedicated childhood. Way back in the day when parachute pants were apparently cool, my life seemed like one continuous loop of running to the bathroom, sitting there for 15 minutes with nothing to show for it, leaving in defeat, rushing back 5 minutes later, and so on. This morning was back to that, and of course I was an hour away from home and shopping, so bathrooms were less than predictable. The worst part, though, was not the fear of not making it in time, but the sick feeling of my gut in the interim. It’s one of the worst feelings I know; it always reminds me that I’m not just a person who has to poop all the time, I actually have a disease. And I seriously don’t like that. (For this same reason I hate having to cut out milk products.)


If anything, though, this morning reminds me of how well my meds work. It’s been ages since I’ve had a morning like this, and it probably only lasted an hour (3 bathroom stops and 2 stores later). I know tons of people think it’s better not to take drugs and just let your body take care of itself, but I can only give these people a mildly tolerant laugh.  No need to put my body through that.